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Tournament Schedule 2015-2016

Tournament Director – Guy “Buddy” DeLuca, 418 Decatur Ave, Pgh, Pa 15221 – Phone: 412-351-0309

For additional tournament information, contact Buddy51821@aol.com.

We run four different formats:

  • Open – All Bowlers in Four Divisions:
    1. Scratch – All Ages, Male & Female
    2. Scratch – Seniors age 50 – 59
    3. Scratch – Seniors age 60 & Over
    4. Handicap – All Ages, Male & Female
  • Ladies-Only Handicap
  • Ladies-Only Scratch

The OPEN format consist of four Divisions, with separate prize funds for each division. Bowlers may compete in one division by paying the total entry fee for that division, but may cash in another division by paying only the prize fund amount of that division.

As a general rule, the winner of a Division #1 event is determined by the Finals. There are NO Finals in Divisions #2, #3, & #4 in this OPEN format. In all OPEN formats, where there are NO Finals, the winner is determined by total pins.

The winner of Division #1 will receive a Guaranteed First Place amount. However, the First Place amount awarded to the winners of Divisions #2, #3, & #4 is not Guaranteed, because the prize fund is based on the actual number of entries for that Division.

Exceptions to these general rules will be posted on tournament flyers, on the printed schedule, and on the detail page of the schedule posted to this website.

USBC rules apply. SMART account in effect. Tournament Director has final say in all matters.

Schedule for the 2015-2016 Tournament Season

Open – All Bowlers

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Ladies-Only Handicap

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Ladies-Only Scratch

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Something for Everybody

We run four different formats:

  • Open - All Bowlers in Four Divisions:
    1. Scratch
    2. Scratch - Sr. age 50 - 59
    3. Scratch - Sr. age 60 & Over
    4. Handicap
  • Ladies-Only Handicap
  • Ladies-Only Scratch

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